The Founders

The four founders represent the four pillars of the organization - Academics and Child Development, Program Coordination, Business Administration and Accounts/HR.

Deepa P. Bajaj

Deepa P Bajaj [] is the Head of School. Backed by a Masters in Psychology and numerous years of experience in the school system, she works with the passion to ensure that the employed educational system meets global standards.

Her roles and responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Oversee the overall school operations
  • Interview new teacher recruits and decide on grade wise placement
  • Introduce PYP to prospective parents
  • Approving admissions
  • Maintain teaching staff discipline
  • Pedagogical leadership and mentorship of teachers
  • Liaison between student and teacher to manage conduct issues
  • Liaison between parent and teacher regarding student performance and achievements
  • Counsel parents to amicably solve issues that may arise
  • Term wise and annual teacher evaluations for performance appraisal
  • Allocation of time and space for collaborative, parent and management related meetings
  • Maintain positive community relations

Dr. Sharanya Anil

Dr. Sharanya Anil [] is the Academic coordinator. She oversees all academic and student related development at Grassroots. School pedagogy, training and professional development of teaching staff also comes under her purview. She acts as a liaison between the principal, parents, and teachers regarding student Individualized Education Plans and in addressing students’ with Special Education Needs (SEN). She takes care of student counselling and discipline.

Her specific duties include:

  • Shares instructional leadership with the principal
  • Distributes information to members of the school community as required
  • Ensure that the curriculum is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively; helps to lead the collaborative process; is involved in whole-school planning
  • Assists teams and individuals with developing student inquiry units
  • Establishes and maintains a record of completed lesson plans and other curriculum documents
  • Ensures that teachers and staff are made aware of professional development opportunities;
  • Keeps a record of workshop attendance
  • Will be the PYP co-ordinator when the school receives authorization International Baccalaureate© and will receive correspondence and other documentation regarding the IB program

Praseema Bipin Kumar

Praseema Bipin Kumar [] is in charge of Accounts and Human Resource department. She is responsible for financial management towards operational and support service budgets. She enforces policy and procedures to be followed by the employees of the school and monitors revenue and expenses.

Her primary duties include:

  • Manage and monitor the organisations cash flow and prepare regular cash flow forecasts.
  • Assist in all aspects of internal & external audit, including the completion of year end accounts and tax.
  • Liaison with the bank for financial services.
  • Liaison with the Auditor.
  • Plan/prepare the school annual budget.
  • Implement policies for the welfare of the staff.
  • Dispersal of salaries to all teachers and staff.
  • Indentify staff vacancies assist with job description preparations, place advertisements, conduct interviews, perform background checks and select applicants.

Sukanya Ravindhar

Sukanya Ravindhar [] a classical dancer brings her arts administration skills to the table and is in charge of Administrative Services. Her key areas of work are to plan, direct, and coordinate support services, liaison with various departments, Government certifications and to develop, manage and monitor all records pertaining to students, teachers, support staff and administrative staff.

A list of her responsibilities is as under:

  • In-charge of Certification process with Government.
  • Ensures that facilities meet environmental, health, safety and security standards and comply with government regulations.
  • Liaison with the Lawyer/Auditor for all legal needs.
  • Assist with preparation of legal agreements for employees and outside contractors.
  • Supervise administrative, support personnel and maintain working staff discipline.
  • Set goals and deadlines for actions to be taken.
  • Develop, manage, and monitor all records pertaining to students, teachers, support staff and administrative staff.
  • Recommend changes to policies or procedures in order to improve operations.
  • Oversee the maintenance and repair.