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Why Choose Grassroots?

Facilities such as air-conditioned learning spaces, play-area, technology are a given at Grassroots Global School. What takes the school further is that:

  • We are the first Reggio Emilia inspired inclusive school that welcomes all children in Chennai
  • We are an aspiring IB Candidate School taking the learning from the early years into the formative years through inquiry.
  • We embed popular educational psychology principles such as Dr. Gardner’s “multiple intelligences” and Dr. Kolbe’s “learning theories”
  • We use a developmental Whole-Child Approach, rather than curricular, that covers key areas often overlooked by many (motor, cognitive, social, linguistic, emotional, literacy, and play)
  • We are one of the first in Chennai to offer classroom adaptations for individuals identified as gifted and with special needs.
  • We provide a safe and hygienic environment to include even chronically ill children

Principles of Grassroots

  • An environment that is nurturing and where learning is fun.
  • It is not a pre-set curriculum but a process of inviting and sustaining learning.
  • Small groups of children of varying abilities and interests work together on concepts and projects where the teacher is also a learner.
  • Concepts are with a focus of real life problem-solving, opportunities for creative thinking, exploring and metacognition.
  • Curricular decisions are based on developmental and socio-cultural concerns.
  • Focus on active reconstruction of existing knowledge.

It is the effective approach of Grassroots that both the gifted (for exceptional and talented students) and the special education (for special needs) can be embedded within one system. In simple words education @ Grassroots is like an onion and each child can peel through as many layers as they individually can.

Being Reggio inspired…

The Reggio Emilia approach is ranked in the top three methodologies for early education the world over. - Newsweek, 1991.

The Reggio Emilia approach beholds the child in the same way that the founders envision a child’s natural development. The Reggio Emilia approach is not a formal model with defined methods such as Waldrof and Montessori. Rather it is a philosophy of success imbibed over the years. It takes personal experience with this methodology to know and implement successfully.

For example - Waldorf schools, approach learning in early childhood through imitation and example while Grassroots which is Reggio inspired believes that learning is through exploration and self-discovery.

The Learning Environment

The aim is to construct a teaching and learning environment in which

  • Children and teachers are given opportunities to make decisions
  • They can pursue authentic questions and concerns
  • Connect what is known to the unknown, and be successful as they explore and test ideas discover through play, informal learning activities, and projects.
  • The learning space is inviting and stimulating.
  • Learners are involved in meaningful and engaging activities appropriate to their knowledge, experience, and language skills.
  • Displays of students' work demonstrate achievement and ongoing learning through inquiry
  • The furniture and layout within each room enables students to move easily between spaces appropriate to different activities.
  • Resources (books, math manipulatives, computers) are easily accessible and respected by students.
  • Learners are involved in planning and assessing their own learning.

The air-conditioned learning spaces have, specially designed seating arrangements providing opportunities for change, open spaces and optimum focus on each child. Great importance has been given to the environment by ways of

  • The secure location, in the midst of a bustling city.
  • Well planned and ventilated spaces conducive to learning and growing.
  • Dedicated spaces for structured play, gymnastics and movement, all of which are naturally embedded within the curriculum.

Teacher-child ratio

1:6 at the lower levels, 1:8 in Kindergarten and 1:12 at the primary levels.

We have our grassroots in Indian culture...

With the global image of India changing to one of being modern and progressive, children often lose out on the simplicity of our cultural values and beliefs. In the days and age of nuclear families, iPhones and apps we forget to share the joy of simple games like Parama Padam, Aadu Puli Attam, Palankuzhi. India as a society thrives on real-life socialization and not virtual, and in being virtual, we increase many behavioural anomalies in human beings. Children need human interaction and simplicity and at Grassroots we hone these skills in the children and their families. Grassroots has a kinship to Indian Cultural beliefs, of tolerance and acceptance of each other’s beliefs and faiths.

Admission Procedure

  • Parents/guardians visit the school to understand the philosophy and functioning.
  • They meet with the Admissions head to understand the requirements and upon availability an application will be issued to initiate the process.
  • Completely filled-out application forms must be submitted at school in person
  • One certified true copy of child's Birth Certificate and one passport photo to be attached with the application
  • The academic calendar is from June to April but admissions are ongoing throughout the year, subject to availability.

Fees and Other Details

  • Uniforms will be supplied by the school for students in the Early Years and Primary Programmes
  • Fees (Enrolment, Admission, School Essential, Learning Material & Term fees etc) once paid are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Enrolment Fee must be paid at the time of collection of the application form.
  • Admission Fee is to be paid during entry into Primary Grade levels
  • Fees can be paid annually or over 3 schedules (June, October, February), by the 10th of the respective months.
  • Fees to be paid between 11am and 2pm.
  • Fees to be paid in an envelope with the name of child, class and date clearly written
  • School Essential Fees includes books, learning materials, projects, basic stationary and student welfare activities for the year.
  • Cheque/DD must be in the name CHENNAI GRASSROOTS EDUCATIONAL TRUST payable at Chennai.
  • Being an inclusive school, a SEN fee will be levied for children with special needs.