Factually driven Inquiry driven
"inch deep, mile wide" Facts are seen as a foundation to build new knowledge and understand concepts
New knowledge not transferable Transdisciplinary-connections made across disciplines and to real world
Emphasis on covering material understand concepts Emphasis on ideas and making connections
Develops international- mindedness

Education is concerned with the transmission of knowledge. It is always a deliberate attempt to modify the individual for the better or in terms of what is thought to be desirable. It would be a grave mistake, however, to view this knowledge only in terms of curriculum content; because education transmits other knowledge as well. Curriculum is basic to the intellectual, emotional, ethical, physical, social, aesthetic, spiritual and vocational development of the child. The child of today is the creator of tomorrow. It is only through a well-designed and effectively implemented curriculum that the whole-child can be equipped to realize his/her inner potential and to contribute to society meaningfully.