VInE (Variable Inclusive Education) Program at Grassroots is designed to help children identified with or having specific developmental needs that prevent them from succeeding within the classroom. These children are supported in their learning journey with an Individualized Education Program that identifies their strengths and moves them forward on their learning continuum with SMART Goals.

The program is supported by evidence-based practices that help them succeed in all facets of development. Their needs are supported within the inclusive classrooms by Co-teachers as well as visiting Special Educators. Depending on the severity and specific needs and in addition to their assisted learning, some of the students within the classroom may receive some pull-out services in the resource room. The number of students in resource room at a specific time varies, but typically consists of at most five students per instructor. Depending on individual needs, students may attend the resource room three to five times per week for about forty-five minutes per day.

In keeping with school’s whole-child approach the VInE Program emphasizes the holistic development of the child using the Multiple Intelligence Theory (Gardner H, 2006), and VARK model to learning styles. It goes beyond basic academic achievement where students show growth in visuo-motor perception, arithmetic, spelling and overall self-perception through time. The program also aims at appropriate behaviour through behaviour modification and interventions; developing communicative, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. The program fosters successful individuals within society through metacognitive and leadership skills.