"Grassroots school has been a wonderful platform for my daughter. The care that the management and staff have been giving is exceptional. My daughter has learnt a lot and has become very confident and independent which I am sure would not have been possible without the school and her very wonderful teachers. I can trust the school completely and be rest assured that my child will be moulded into a wonderful person. I am so thankful to the management for having such understanding and caring teachers and caregivers in every class. The tailor made IEP has been of great help in my daughter's educational pursuit. Grassroots is an amazing inclusive school in it's true sense."

It’s with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Grassroots School. Our journey with Grassroots School began with Mom & Me programme when Ronel was 15 months old and he is now 9 years old and studying in Grade 5. It has been a wonderful experience to see him grow and thrive in a cheerful and secure environment during his crucial formative years under the care of nurturing and engaging educators. The school has imparted in him not just education but also has been a moral compass guiding and moulding him to be a better person. I am extremely great full to the Grassroots team for their dedication and zeal to make schooling a unique experience to their children thereby creating confident, caring, knowledgable and empathetic human beings which our world needs. We are incredibly blessed to have our son studying at Grassroots.

Grassroots is not just any other school but a school that firmly believes every child is important! They clinically structure the curriculum inline with the cognitive skills that the child would be capable of in their respective stages. The curriculum is analysed and imparted to children only after a proper homework is carried out by the committee on Learning & development through well trained teachers across various aspects who are Cognizant of the general and specific needs of each student. Involving parents at every step enables the Parent-Teacher collaboration to enhance the students’ experience self confidence with certainty for a world which is uncertain.

Grassroots- an institution thoughtfully created and nurtured by 4 wonderful ladies, has changed our outlook towards Education and Development of a child.When terms like 'Inclusion' and 'Reggio-inspired' were hardly known, they believed in it and have created their own niche. What started out as play-school for my daughter back in 2011, is now a life-journey for my 4th Grader and us parents. It feels extremely good to re-live this experience through our 3-year old all over again.As parents, the ease to deal with the Management and voice our opinion deserves a mention. With a stable peer group and some amazing teachers and mentors, she has certainly bloomed into a confident kid with some strong qualities and is constantly throwing surprises. Their Mindful, Holistic and Inclusive approach, safe space and the independence to be vocal has worked wonders on my daughter.From tiny steps to this giant leap, we're extremely thrilled to be a part of this Journey and wish Team-Grassroots achieve many more heights.

Grassroots has helped my children have a seamless transition in International schooling since we moved back to India from the West. Within a couple of months, my child learnt diversity within the classroom and the concept of inclusion. In my experience it seems to be a truly inclusive school that challenges the child's skills while helping with their difficult areas. One of my goals as a parent is to raise my children to be good human beings and not only focus on their academics. Grassroots is playing a vital role in helping me achieve this.

When I and my husband started looking for a preschool for my son who was then two years old and a delayed starter, we researched several factors and zeroed in on a school close to our residence. However, he was left out for the most part of it, as the school staff did not have any understanding of my son’s needs then. The turning point in my son’s life was our introduction to Dr. Sharanya Bajaj, who was one of the founders of the Grassroots School. We moved him to Grassroots immediately and the staff at the school were able to immediately tune with my son. In a matter of months, he rapidly made progress in overall development.I realized that the individualized Regio Emelia based learning helped him to learn in various means that he enjoyed rather than getting frustrated with the traditional rote learning offered at the other grind of the mill institutions.It has been a joyful journey of six years with Grassroots for my son and I can say without a doubt, that his progress in functional & social skills has been very good. The amazing compassion and the flexibility exhibited by his teachers have helped him build his strengths and feel self-confident. I feel happy and proud of his sharp mental math ability and eloquent language skills he has amassed at Grassroots. His inquisitiveness is growing through the aid of his curriculum and I am happy to see him groomed as a free thinker.I want to thank Grassroots School which whole-heartedly focuses on what the child can do best. I pray to the almighty that blesses all the staff of Grassroots and hope that many more children get benefitted through this marvellous institution.

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